Vegetarious Privacy Policy

December 1, 2016

Because the main purpose of Vegetarious is to share vegetarian and vegan dining experiences, everything posted on Vegetarious is always publicly visible.

Your Vegetarious profile is also publicly visible. You can edit the information on it with the "edit" button on your profile. You can choose to display links to your Facebook and Foursquare profiles from Settings.

You can log in to Vegetarious from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare/Swarm. When logging in using these services, Vegetarious stores some information from them including your ID, email, and name. You can also create an account on Vegetarious using your email, which is stored.

You can delete check-ins that you make from a "delete" button on them. You can delete comments shortly after you make them and can delete any comment on your check-ins. You can edit and review and ratings that you make.

There is currently no way to delete your profile, but you can edit it to display essentially nothing.

Vegetarious stores the information you submit indefinitely and may use it in promotional and other material.

When registering with Vegetarious, you opt in to receive emails from it. You can opt out under Settings or from a link in the emails.

Vegetarious uses cookies to keep you logged in and to store data to perform necessary functions. Cookies are not used to track you.

Analytics are used to track the aggregate usage of Vegetarious. Individual users are not tracked.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email help AT vegetarious DOT com.